auditing_sessionAuditing is the term given to the spiritual counseling which is the central practice of Dianetics and Scientology. It is delivered by an auditor (from the Latin word audire, meaning to listen)—a person trained and expert in the exact techniques of Dianetics and Scientology.

The goal of auditing is to restore individual ability. It is a precise, thoroughly codified activity with precise procedures.

An auditor uses exact sets of questions asked to help a person find out things about himself and improve his condition. An unlimited number of questions could, of course, be asked—which might or might not help a person. The accomplishment in Dianetics and Scientology is that L. Ron Hubbard isolated the precise questions and directions to invariably improve a person’s ability and remove the impediments to his or her spiritual growth.

An auditor does not engage in some vague form of mental exploration, nor does an auditor offer solutions, advice or evaluation. One of the fundamental principles of the Scientology religion is that an individual can improve his conditions only if he is allowed to find his own answers to life’s problems. Scientology auditors help individuals to accomplish this goal by guiding them to examine their existence through a carefully structured series of steps that Mr. Hubbard developed. By following this gradient process, individuals can improve their ability to face what they are and where they are.

Here are some success stories!

Life Repair

“I really enjoyed the process of Life Repair auditing.  I had several realizations on different areas in my life.  I feel now that I can move forward and accomplish more than before.” -D.C.

Dianetic Auditing

“I have a great change in my life after the Book One auditing.  I really appreciated my auditor.  Jasmin is great and helped me find many upsets and pain in my life.  I am very happy as a being right now.  I’m glad to become a Scientologist.” -M.F.



What do you do when a marriage is falling apart? Is there any way to restore communication, trust and happiness, or is it hopeless? Rising divorce rates and the increasing number of single parents show us that for many people, the only answer was to end it. They lacked the knowledge and technology to improve a marriage.

This course contains breakthroughs you can use to restore real communication between husband and wife, regain honesty and trust in your relationship and resolve past upsets and regain love and understanding.

Here is a great success story from a couple who took the course right here in Redondo Beach

“Taking the How To Improve Your Marriage course was a good way for my husband to get an overview of all the courses I have taken over the past year and a half.  I’m glad he can now have all the same tools I have for our marriage and kids too.” -D.W.

“The most interesting part of the course for me was learning how important it is to confront your problems.  In this context confronting means also being comfortable and accepting, not necessarily an easy thing to do.” -P.W.


“My favorite part of this course was helping someone with it.  I’ve been working with this girl over two years and she has always complained to me about her relationship with her boyfriend of ten years.  We investigated the relationship together and she had so many realizations about her relationship and did what she had to do to get to her ideal scene.  It was really cool seeing her take charge for once!  I’m so happy I have this tech!” -A.R.


As you know I have been taking classes like Dianetics. This is one of the things Scientology has been doing to make the world a better place but you never hear any of the good stuff on the news just bad press. That is why I stopped watching the news years ago.

94944-004-5fa0aee2Eleanor Roosevelt held a position at the Newly formed United Nations and was instrumental in creating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I was watching a PBS program on The Roosevelt’s and I learned more about her one afternoon. I have the DVD on Human Rights and have shown them to my kids. I want Natalie to do her next report on Eleanor Roosevelt.  She stood up to all of these powerful world leaders to make this happen.

They also have a drug free program. My kids just had Just Say No at school last week. I bet you did not hear about any of this for the last 5 years. Hungry has a serious drug problem. Two guys started a Drug Free Marathon lasting 42 days instead 42 kilometers and they have Nike as one of their sponsors for this event.

Also The Way to Happiness is simple set of common sense “rules” that so many people today are lacking. ’nuff said about that.

There is too much bad stuff out in the world let’s focus on the good for once

Love you all,

assistsPeople sometimes get hurt in the business of living. The human body is subject to disease, injuries and various mishaps of accidental or intentional character. Throughout the ages, religions have attempted to relieve man’s physical suffering. Methods have ranged from prayer to the laying on of hands, and many superstitions arose to account for their occasional effectiveness. It has been a commonly held belief, however, no matter the method used, that the spirit can have an effect on the body.

Today, medicine treats the body when there is something wrong with it. But it overlooks almost totally the relationship of the spiritual being to his body and the effect the former has on the latter. The fact is, after any necessary medical treatment, the individual himself has an enormous capacity to influence the body and its well-being or lack of it.

L. Ron Hubbard developed numerous applications of his discoveries for the mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s physical difficulties. And as more and more techniques evolved, a new body of technology came into use, called “Assists.” The ways assists can be applied are almost limitless. They always help and often have miraculous results. Dozens of assists exist today for a wide array of conditions, and several of the most basic and widely used are included in this chapter.

We just talked with one of our students about the course and here is what he had to say…

“I did a small course at the Redondo Beach Mission called Assists for Illnesses and Injuries this course was very quick a 3 day course at the most. One day I was working in my garage and when I finished I closed the garage door. My finger happened to get closed in the door when I closed the door. This was extremely painful. In these moments of pain I remembered what I had studied on this course so I immediately applied the steps. Within moments after applying the steps the pain was gone and there was no mark to speak of where the injury took place. I found it simply amazing that when I applied the technology precisely the results were precise.”


This just in from one of our students –

“From the time I was 16 years of age I experienced what is called an anxiety disorder and panic attacks. For anyone that has experienced this type of disorder they will understand the utter frustration and uncertainty the symptoms and effects this disorder comes with. I visited countless doctors and trips to the emergency room over the years only to be treated with various drugs that although blocked the attacks also came with side effects that were very undesirable to say the least. There was never a doctor that could actually tell me the source of this disorder and why it was happening, it was all in the mind I was told but yet had real disabling physical symptoms. Wow if the mind was that powerful then I really better find out something about the mind.

“I have always been interested in the mind and how it operates, I have purchased many philosophy and spiritual books over the years, then came along Dianetics. I purchased this book without any real understanding of it’s past history nor the author that wrote it. I read a few pages and although interesting seemed to be a bit technical for my liking. A few weeks later I was called by someone at the local Dianetics organization that asked me if I would be interested in doing some Book 1 auditing which is a technology explained in the book Dianetics. I eagerly accepted and met with a person skilled in the book 1 auditing Dianetics technology.

“My first Dianetic session was so easily delivered I wondered how something this easy could change anything. It was a very simple collaboration between myself and the auditor, the auditor gave some commands and I followed the commands, very simple. I left after that first session feeling a bit different not bad not good just different in some way a way which was a little difficult to explain at that time.

We had set the next session for the following day.

14aThat following day actually changed my life forever. The very least thing that occurred was that I discovered the true actual source of my panic attacks and stress that plagued me for so many many years and let me tell you quite honestly it would have NEVER have been discovered without this technology, that I am quite sure of. I have never from that moment till present experienced another panic attack and that was 12 years ago. There were other very true miracles experienced during that session that day that words simply cannot justify or put into proper perspective. All I can say is that the adventure you will experience with this technology is an adventure that will stay with you forever.” – AR

Sound good? Maybe you have something bothering you that you would like handled…

Consider this for a moment: In all your schooling, did anyone ever teach you how to study something? Today, people are graduating school unable to read or write at a level adequate to hold a job or deal with life. It is a huge problem. It is not that subjects cannot be learned; what isn’t taught is how to learn. It is the missing step in all education.

study1L. Ron Hubbard filled this gaping hole by supplying the first and only technology of how to study. He discovered the laws on which learning is based and developed workable methods for anyone to apply. He called this subject “Study Technology.”

This technology provides an understanding of the basics of learning and supplies exact ways to overcome all the pitfalls one can encounter during study.

Study Technology is not speed reading or memory tricks. These have not been proven to raise one’s ability to comprehend what was studied or to raise literacy. Study Technology shows how one studies in order to comprehend a subject so one can apply it.

adamWe recently talked with Adam Rosenthal. Mr. Rosenthal has a lot of experience using Study Technology for himself, his family and others. Here is what he had to say.

RB: You seem to be a great aficionado of the Study Technology, can you tell us what your experience has been?

AR: Study Tech is the most amazing tool!  I have spent many years using it in different ways… with students in classrooms, in private tutoring, with myself, my daughter, and friends.  Sometimes parents think I’m a miracle worker!

RB: Why is that?

One of the children I tutored went from a boy who got undiagnosed with so called A.D.D. as a behavior problem and one of the slowest in the classroom to being one of the two top students!  I taught my friend’s five year old to read in fewer than four hours!  Believe it or not, these are just typical wins!  There’s hundreds more!

This is only a small portion of the entire body of Study Technology developed by Mr. Hubbard. Regardless, this brief overview contains fundamentals which you can use to study more effectively. With this technology,any subject can be learned by anyone.

02There’s a course we offer here that I think you just might be interested in. If you want to supercharge your lifestyle and enhance your life overall, this is the course for you. It is very A to B and only takes a few days but it can make a whale of difference on how you get a long in life including how you get along with your family, friends and associates. It is especially useful in today’s dog eat dog business environment. It is called the Personal Values and Integrity Course.

Bottom-line — when you lose your personal integrity, you have lost one of the most important things an individual has. Every time you fail to do what you know is right you lessen your ability to live a happy life. Each time you compromise with a situation to be “agreeable” you have given up some of your freedom.

Compromising your personal integrity because of social and economic pressure will only lead to your failure and your loss. Before now, there never was a technology to use that would show you just how to maintain honesty and personal integrity. But now you have the Personal Values and Integrity Course.

If you are interested you can call Anne at (310) 545-0770. Start right away. This is one course you will be very thankful you did.

The Redondo Beach Mission offers a number of courses and counseling to help you get on with your life. They are life changing in that they provide you with tools to improve yourself and get along better with those around you. We sat down with one of the students at the Mission – Jeff Dion. Jeff has done a number of courses here and feels he has benefited in a number of ways. Here is what he has to say.

Q: I understand you have been studying here at the mission for quite a while, what can you tell us about your experience?

JD: We have an incredible resource available to all of us here in the South Bay.  In a turbulent world and chaotic economic environment, it is so calming to have some place to go to find real solutions and data that actually works.

Q: How have your studies benefited you?

JD: I have studied courses for several years now and have successfully applied this knowledge to greatly enhance my personal / family life, as well as to stabilize and expand my business.

Quite frankly, I don’t know where I would be without this truly wonderful group. I have nothing but admiration for the staff and for the help they have selflessly offered to me and our community. In this day & age, it is so refreshing to find an organization motivated solely by the desire to help and improve the condition of this planet for all.

Thanks Jeff! Will you be next to enhance your personal life?

Welcome! We would like to open our doors and have a conversation with you. No matter your race, religion, creed or color you are welcome in our mission. We offer a number of self-improvement and life enhancement courses and counseling. Just come on in and say hello.

The Church of Scientology Mission of Redondo Beach

All the programs offered throughout the Scientology religion, whether aimed at providing one-on-one help for the individual or helping to eradicate the most serious social ills that plague our society at this time, all are aligned to accomplishing the Aims of Scientology: “A civilization without insanity, without criminals, and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights and where man is free to rise to greater heights.” — L. Ron Hubbard